The best cleaning and restoration services for natural stone are available in Orange County at MyStonePolish.

They are a locally owned and certified firm that specializes in the maintenance of your granite, marble, travertine, limestone, terrazzo, quartzite, onyx, soapstone, slate, and flagstone.

They are able to successfully restore the appearance of worn-out and discolored stone floors, worktops, staircases, backsplashes, showers, sinks, and walls by employing the finest tools, techniques, and chemicals in the industry. Additionally, they are able to fix and get rid of lippage, etchings, stains, and scratches.


The practice of restoring the surfaces of marble to their original appearance and condition through repairs, refinishing, and rejuvenation is known as marble restoration. A natural stone recognized for its elegance and beauty, marble can develop a number of problems over time, including stains, etching, dullness, and loss of luster. These problems are the focus of marble restoration services, which also seek to restore the material’s original beauty. Marble surfaces are susceptible to staining or discoloration over time and as a result of improper prior sealing. When this occurs, expert cleaning is necessary to bring back its previous luster. 


Revive the Beauty of Your Marble Floors


Marble floor cleaning services are professional cleaning services that specialize in the maintenance and restoration of marble floors. Marble is a natural stone that is commonly used for flooring in homes, offices, hotels, and other commercial buildings due to its elegance and durability. However, marble floors can become dull, scratched, or stained over time and require regular cleaning and maintenance to keep them looking their best.

Their marble cleaning is a highly efficient approach to getting rid of unattractive stains, etching, watermarks, and other discoloration while being safe (neither damaging nor harmful). The surface will need to be carefully sealed as the last stage to prevent further problems.

Is it time to give your marble surfaces or counters a like-new shine? Their polishing will accomplish this by eliminating residue from earlier, subpar polishing solutions, such as wax, and restoring the glossy luster to your marble’s surface. They may also remove dull blemishes, etches, and stains, which will restore even heavily used marble floors or counters.

Unfortunately, not all sealants are created equal, and appropriate sealing is the only way to keep your marble floors and counters appearing brand new for the longest period of time. Having a high-quality sealer on your surfaces is essential if you want to prevent future staining, dull spots, and other faults that take away from the attractiveness of your home.

They provide your project with the durability of commercial-grade marble sealing since the sealants you can buy at hardware stores just cannot provide the same level of protection and finish. You might not see them for a while after they apply the highest-grade sealant to your marble surfaces because the objective is to keep it looking and feeling immaculate for as long as feasible. The last thing anyone wants is a shoddy repair that only marginally improves the appearance of the damage. Unattractive chips are bad enough. Fortunately, when marble floors and counters are repaired after being chipped, the intention is to restore them to their original brilliance and erase all signs of damage. This is frequently accomplished by filling the damaged area with an extremely high-grade, ultra-hard epoxy that can be color-tinted to achieve a nearly perfect color match, making the repair area almost imperceptible to the sight or touch.

The goal of proper marble maintenance is to both restore your surface’s inherent beauty and guard against any deterioration. As a result, it is essential if you want to enjoy your marble counters and floors for a very long time.

Marble maintenance can involve a number of steps, including a deep clean to get rid of accumulated grime, dirt, and germs; polishing to get rid of low-grade wax polish sheens and other pollutants which could be affecting your surfaces while bringing out a marvelous shine; buffing out stains and scratches; and sealing your marble to lock in the like-new shine and lockout any subsequent moisture damage.